Welcome to Z-Signal.com

Here, for a short time, I will be posting open graphics and demonstrations of the development of the Zarathustra Project.

Z-signal sample profit models links below.

http://zsignals.com/Z-Silver.htm - Silver Z-signals Trades

http://zsignals.com/Z-Dollar.htm - Dollar Z-signals Trades

http://zsignals.com/Z-Apple.htm - Apple (APPL) Z-signals Trades

In all graphs, unless otherwise notated, the red line will represent z-signal data (planetary), the blue line will represent actual close price of the asset under study, and the black line will represent a moving average or other smoothing of the z-signal.

This page will be open to the general membership and the public.

Gold Z-Composite Signal

U.S. Dollar Z-Composite Signal

Traditional Techsignal Output - includes present price data input to present - all cycles plotted.

Z-Signal Raw Output 2011 to Date

14 Months in Advance...

Real price data input to Z-model ended 12/31/2009

(No cycles analysis used or necessary)

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